Planning for our “B” litter is underway.  Izzy and Berkeley were together starting on February 15th so if all goes as planned we will have puppies in mid April.

Please reach out to us about available puppies and check out our Legendary Shorthairs facebook page for pictures from our “A” litter.

Since color and patterns cannot be determined before mating,  color of pups will not be reason for refund of deposit.  For additional information please use the  Contact Us page.

Sire is DreamPoint’s Berkeley


Natural Ability – Prize 2, 107 @ 10 mos. :: Utility Prize I
Sire – Cooper vom Stillwater :: Dam – Dream Point’s Aspen
Color – Liver and White Patched, Ticked :: 25 inches and 60 pounds

From the owners: “Berkeley is a male that we kept from our B-litter breeding of Cooper and Aspen.  Berkeley, when in the field he shows the cooperation that came from his genetics.  His biggest desire is to please us through hunting.  He’s a sight to see in the field, snapping to rock solid points and being steady through the entire hunting scenario until he is released to retrieve.  His retrieves are always to hand.  Berkeley was a natural backer and looks as intense as if he were smelling the actual bird.